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Spousal maintenance remains one of the most highly contested and litigated issues in a divorce or legal separation in the state of Arizona. If you believe you may be entitled to an award of spousal maintenance or your spouse is seeking an award of spousal maintenance from you, Owens and Perkins, P.C. encourages you to contact us at once for a free 1/2 hour case assessment.

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Understanding Spousal Maintenance Laws in Arizona

Spousal Dispute

Alimony, or spousal maintenance as it is referred to in Arizona, is the monthly amount of money that one spouse may have to pay the other during and after the divorce proceeding. Many details are involved when it comes to awarding spousal maintenance.

Arizona Revised Statute § 25 - 319 establishes the factors that are used to determine whether an individual is entitled to spousal maintenance. Several statutory factors are considered when determining whether a spouse is entitled to an award of spousal maintenance.

Some of the considerations that the court will make when deciding alimony awards include:
  • Resources of the spouse seeking an award of spousal maintenance
  • Employment status and employment history
  • Earning ability
  • Reasonable needs
  • The spouses' income disparity
  • Length of marriage
  • Age
  • Standard of living established during the marriage

Along with considering the statutory factors, the court will address additional questions regarding alimony.

The court will need to make three decisions in regard to an award of spousal maintenance:

  • Is a spouse eligible to receive spousal maintenance?
  • How much will the other spouse have to pay?
  • For how long will the payments be required?

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