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Family Court Appeals in Scottsdale

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If you are dissatisfied with a Family Court decision (Decree, Judgment or other Order), you must act quickly. The time you have to file a Notice of Appeal is short and in most cases needs to be done within thirty days of the Court’s decision.

Preparing for a Family Court Appeal involves extensive evaluation of the family court proceeding. The record of the trial and other proceedings in the family court must be ordered and reviewed. At Owens and Perkins, P.C., our Scottsdale divorce attorneys can help you prepare an appeal. Give us a call at (480) 630-2464 today!

Filing an Appeal with the Family Court

Once a Family Court Notice of Appeal is filed with the Superior Court, the Court of Appeals instructs the party to file an Opening Brief by a certain deadline. The other party must file their Answering Brief, and then the initial party may file a Reply Brief if they choose to do so. The court may order the parties to appear in court and argue their positions (known as oral argument).

Preparing a legal brief is a complex process. The brief contains:

  • the facts of the case,
  • the legal issues to be decided,
  • the law the Court should apply and
  • the decision we want the court to reach

After all of the arguments have been presented, the appellate court will issue a decision either reversing, upholding, or modifying the superior court's decision.

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As soon as you receive a Family Court decision you wish to appeal, or you receive a Notice of Appeal from the opposing party, contact Owens and Perkins right away to discuss your options. We can help you assess your options and develop a detailed agreement that optimizes your chance of a successful result. You may schedule a case evaluation or call us at 480.630.2464 to schedule a free 1/2 hour initial consultation.

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