Contract Drafting and Review

Contract Drafting and Review

A contract is an enforceable agreement between two or more parties or businesses where each party both gives up and receives something of value in return. The best contracts are written, though some can be verbal as well.

Because contracts are legally binding, consequences of the agreement you are about to enter need to be clearly spelled out. The consequences may extend beyond the transaction in question and extend to your entire business or other areas in life. It also makes it easier if something does go wrong later when there is a written document to read. Otherwise the parties will typically recall different verbal agreements that can complicate resolution of the case.

When having a lawyer draft or review a contract, it is important to tell your lawyer all of your expectations and concerns for the contract. Contracts are not a place for assumptions. Lawyer can help you do this in a way that both accomplishes your desired goals and protects you in the case of a dispute later on.

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