Statutory Agent Services

Statutory Agent Services

No person or business likes being sued. However, you like it even less when someone walks into your place of business to serve you with a lawsuit. Having an independent Statutory Agent prevents this indignity.

A Statutory Agent can be a member of the corporation, LLC or organization that is designated to receive lawsuits. A Statutory Agent can also be an independent person like a separate company or lawyer. Regardless of whether your Statutory Agent is an employee or someone unrelated to the company, they must be registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission. If you designate a new Statutory Agent but do not update the Corporation Commission, you may be responsible for papers delivered to the old agent even after you have made the change internally.

Once you have registered Owens and Perkins as your Statutory Agent with the Secretary of State, you do not have to worry about your business being interrupted by unanticipated lawsuits. Instead, the lawsuits must be brought to Owens and Perkins where we confirm receipt and can offer preliminary advice regarding the best course to pursue. You also have a lawyer aware of the legal action from the very beginning. If necessary, a lawyer can step in and defend you from the outset.

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