Serious Personal Injury

Serious Personal Injury

Whether by a car accident or medical malpractice, you can be seriously injured through no fault of your own. If this happened, the most important thing you can do is take it easy and follow your doctor's advice. Don't take shortcuts when it comes to your healing and recovery.

Once you make sure that you are being taken care of medically, it is important to retain legal counsel as early as possible. At Owens and Perkins, personal injury cases are typically taken on a contingency fee basis. What that means is that the law firm doesn't charge the injured person an hourly rate. The law firm gets paid only if the injured person gets paid by the insurance company or by the person causes the injury. This means you don't have to come up with money to retain a lawyer to protect your rights.

Once hired, we will start collecting evidence to prove your case and show that you were not at fault or limit the amount of fault that is going to be attributed to you. Arizona is a comparative fault state, meaning that your recovery can be reduced if the other side, usually the insurance company, can show that you were partially responsible.

Insurance companies are businesses. As such, they try to maximize their profit and pay as little as possible on claim. There is nothing wrong with a business trying to maximize its profits, but many people think they can handle the claim themselves because the insurance company will be fair. There is no requirement that an insurance company be fair. The insurance company is looking out for their interests and it is crucial that you hire someone to look out for yours.

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