Alleged Use of Dangerous Instruments Including Firearms

Alleged Use of Dangerous Instruments Including Firearms in Arizona

At Owens and Perkins, we know being charged with the use of a dangerous weapon or firearm can turn your entire world upside down. The impact of a felony conviction and potential lengthy prison term cannot be understated.

When you hire Owens and Perkins, our first step will be investigating every aspect of your case. This includes interviewing eyewitnesses, locating and interviewing other potential witnesses, and reviewing all of the police reports and physical evidence. Our Attorneys will evaluate the strength of the State's case and develop any and all potential defenses to the charges against you.

Next, we'll discuss the outcome of our investigation with you, and together we'll decide on the best strategy for handling your case. Sometimes, when the State has a strong case, that strategy will be to negotiate the best possible deal with the Prosecutor. This includes presenting our evidence to the Prosecutor and seeking to reach a deal that avoids or reduces incarceration time and/or a felony conviction. Our evidence may include not only showing the weaknesses in the Prosecution's case, but also evidence of your good character that shows why you should not be treated like a common criminal.

If you are innocent or there are solid defenses to the charges against you, we may decide to go to trial. For example, often people use weapons to defend themselves or others but are still charged with a crime. In these situations we will aggressively fight to show you were acting in self-defense or defense of others or property, and therefore, you did not break the law. If we go to trial, our experienced criminal attorneys will fight for you. This includes filing any possible Pre-Trial Motions to limit evidence that may be used against you and preparing the case to be presented at trial in the light most favorable to you.

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