Property Damage

Criminal Property Damage in Arizona

Arizona attorneys, Owens and Perkins, know that often people charged with Criminal Property Damage don't even realize how their actions constituted a crime.

Owens and Perkins has experienced, effective criminal Attorneys to represent you in these types of cases. We will investigate every aspect of your case, from interviewing eyewitnesses to inspecting any physical evidence the State may have. We will strive to evaluate the strength of the case against you and develop any and all potential defenses. This includes whether your alleged conduct rises to the level of this criminal offense. In some cases, it is possible to pursue a misdemeanor compromise where the victim agrees to dismiss the case if they are compensated for the amount of the damage.

Next, we'll discuss the outcome of the investigation with you, and together decide on the best way to proceed. Sometimes, if the State has a strong case against you, our strategy may be to negotiate the best deal possible with the Prosecutor. This includes gathering any evidence we have to support your position and presenting it to the Prosecutor to try to achieve a deal that avoids or reduces incarceration time or even avoids a criminal conviction entirely.

However, if you're innocent or there are solid defenses to the charges against you, we may decide to go to trial. If we do, our experienced criminal trial Attorneys will fight for you and present your case to the judge or jury in a light most favorable to you.

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