Annual Report of Guardian

Annual Report of Guardian

The Annual Report of Guardian requires that the Guardian advise the Court, in writing, each year on the anniversary of their appointment, all of the following information: where the Ward is living and, if the Ward is living in a home or facility, the person in charge of that home or facility; the number of times the Guardian has seen the Ward and the date the Guardian last saw the Ward; the name and address of the Ward's physician or registered nurse practitioner, together with a copy of the Ward's physician's or registered nurse practitioner's report. The Guardian must also report whether he/she has observed any major changes in the Ward's physical or mental condition in the last year and whether the Guardian's opinion the Guardianship should be continued. The above list is the standard information required, however, the information required in the Annual Report can vary depending on the circumstances and/or the Ward.

Failure to timely file the Annual Report of Guardian can lead to sanctions, including but not limited to, removal as Guardian.

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