Appointment of Personal Representative

Appointment of Personal Representative

The Personal Representative is usually named by the decedent (the person that died) in his/her Last Will and Testament.

If the decedent did not have a Last Will and Testament, or the named Personal Representative cannot serve, the Court will appoint someone based upon the statutory criteria for priority of appointment.

If you have the original Last Will and Testament and you are named Personal Representative, we can file the Probate and get you appointed as Personal Representative without ever having to go to Court unless your appointment is contested. We will prepare and file all of the necessary paperwork for you.

Once appointed, the Personal Representative is responsible for gathering all Estate assets, paying the debts (including any unpaid taxes), preparing an Inventory and Accounting, reporting to the heirs, and Closing the Probate Estate.

Probates can last six months to two or more years depending on the complexity of the estate.

If you are interested in contacting Owens and Perkins to assist you with filing a Probate and getting appointed as Personal Representative, or if you object to someone being appointed, click here.

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