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Overview: CD Owens and Michelle Perkins Play Video
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Denise Testimonial: Denise Testimonial Play Video
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Family Law FAQ

Paternity: How do I establish paternity? Play Video
Divorce: Can I receive alimony, child custody, and child support during my ... Play Video
Child Support: What is a child support order? Play Video
Wage Assignments: What is a wage assignment? Play Video
Visitation: How does visitation affect child support? Play Video
Spousal Support: How is alimony determined? Play Video
Legal Separation: What is the difference between divorce and legal separation? Play Video
Divorce vs. Separation: What’s the difference between a divorce and legal separation? Play Video
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Criminal Defense FAQ

DUI: What is a field sobriety test? Play Video
Legal Limit: What is the legal limit to drive in Arizona? Play Video
Drug Possession: Can I go to jail for a possession charge? Play Video
Marijuana Charges: What are the range of penalties associated with an intent to sell ... Play Video
Drug Charges: Am I eligible for probation on a drug charge? Play Video
Assault: What is criminal assault? Play Video
Assault Conviction: What happens if I’m convicted of assault? Play Video
Aggravated Assault: What is aggravated assault? Play Video
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Prenups: Prenups - Not just for the Rich and Famous Play Video

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