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Estate Planning Essentials
September 2019 Newsletter

Unique Assets and Property
August 2019 Newsletter

Modifying and Enforcing Current Orders
July 2019 Newsletter

Out of State / International Divorce
June 2019 Newsletter

Division of Assets and Debts in Divorce
May 2019 Newsletter

Complexities in Divorce with Children
April 2019 Newsletter

Paternity- Children Born Out of Wedlock
March 2019 Newsletter

Divorce in a Same-Sex Marriage
February 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

Things You Should Know to Make Your Life Easier
December 2018 Newsletter

Silver or Gray Divorces
November 2018 Newsletter

Modifications to Parenting Plans and Orders
October 2018 Newsletter

High New Worth Divorces
September 2018 Newsletter

Is there Anything You Can Do If The Judge Got It Wrong?
August 2018 Newsletter

High Conflict Parenting Disputes
July 2018 Newsletter

Financial Issues in Divorce and Spousal Maintenance
June 2018 Newsletter

Do I Need An Attorney When There’s Been Domestic Violence?
May 2018 Newsletter

What is Mediation?
April 2018 Newsletter

Will The New Tax Law Create a Surge in Divorces in 2018?
March 2018 Newsletter

Order of Protection and Injunction against Harassment
February 2018 Newsletter

I'm Back! Just in Time for Divorce Month!
January 2018 Newsletter

Reflecting on Our Community Involvement and
Wishing You All a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
December 2017 Newsletter

What Happens When One Parent Doesn't Live in Arizona?
November 2017 Newsletter

The Horrors of Identity Theft
October 2017 Newsletter

The Court's Treatment of Spousal Maintenance in Maricopa County Courts
September 2017 Newsletter

Overview of the Divorce Process
August 2017 Newsletter

Drive Hammered, Get Nailed
July 2017 Newsletter

Announcing CD Owens' Retirement
Special July 2017 Newsletter

Sometimes a Divorce Isn't So Easy -
Issues with Division of a Business in a Divorce
June 2017 Newsletter

Solving Disputes Without Going to Court
May 2017 Newsletter

Paternity - Am I The Father?
April 2017 Newsletter

DUI In Arizona
March 2017 Newsletter

Domestic Violence
February 2017 Newsletter

2016 Year in Review
December 2016 Newsletter

What Are We Thankful For?
November 2016 Newsletter

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Legalities for Modern Families
October 2016 Newsletter

DUI Checkpoints
September 2016 Newsletter

Owning Real Estate in a Community Property State
August 2016 Newsletter

LGBT Legalized Marriage – Discrimination, Issues and Rights
July 2016 Newsletter

The Spousal Maintenance Question
June 2016 Newsletter

Can This Marriage Be Saved?
May 2016 Newsletter

How Do I Keep Sole and Separate Property Separate in a Community Property State?
April 2016 Newsletter

Mediation v. Litigation: Which Divorce Strategy is Right for You?
March 2016 Newsletter

Domestic Violence: Dangerous Love
February 2016 Newsletter

Attorney Brian Winter Elected to MCBA Board of Directors
January 2016 Newsletter

2015 Year in Review
December 2015 Newsletter

We Are Thankful for Our Ability to Give
November 2015 Newsletter

Social Media – Can it negatively affect my life?
October 2015 Newsletter

Please Welcome Christa Banfield to the Firm
September 2015 Newsletter

Reduce Conflict with a Parenting Plan
August 2015 Newsletter

DUI Arrests dropped nearly 20%
July 2015 Newsletter

Please Welcome Aarti Bhaga to the Firm
June 2015 Newsletter

Avoiding Probate in Arizona
May 2015 Newsletter

Juvenile Law in Arizona
April 2015 Newsletter

Spring DUIs
March 2015 Newsletter

Divorce with Children
February 2015 Newsletter

Don't Procrastinate
January 2015 Newsletter

Spend quality time with your loved ones this holiday season
December 2014 Newsletter

Understanding Child Support in Arizona
November 2014 Newsletter

Please Welcome Brian G. Winter to the Firm
October 2014 Newsletter

Recognition of Gender Identity by Family Court, A Step Towards Progress
September 2014 Newsletter

Please Welcome Kristi M. Morley to the Firm
August 2014 Newsletter

4th of July, 2014 - DUI Arrests
July 2014 Newsletter

High Net Worth Divorces in Arizona
June 2014 Newsletter

Is It Time to Modify Your Degree of Dissolution or Other Court Order?
May 2014 Newsletter

What is Paternity?
April 2014 Newsletter

Enjoy Spring Break – Don’t Get a DUI or OUI
March 2014 Newsletter

Are you getting engaged on Valentine’s Day?
February 2014 Newsletter

Happy New Year
January 2014 Newsletter

New Beginnings and a Fresh Start
December 2013 Newsletter

Holiday Season – Watch for DUI Checkpoints
November 2013 Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter

Do You Need a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement?
September 2013 Newsletter

Max Hanson Receives Highest Rating for Professional Excellence
August 2013 Newsletter

Michelle Perkins Named One of the 50 Most Influential Women in Business
July 2013 Newsletter

Find Us On Facebook
June 2013 Newsletter

Be Safe This Summer — Don’t Drink and Drive
May 2013 Newsletter

Owens & Perkins, P.C Welcomes Kris Leonhardt, ESQ.
April 2013 Newsletter

Don’t Drain Your Inheritance with Court Fights
March 2013 Newsletter

Domestic Partnerships in Arizona
February 2013 Newsletter

Have an Estate Plan in Place
January 2013 Newsletter

Arizona Has Eliminated The Term “Custody”
December 2012 Newsletter

Conservatorships In Arizona
November 2012 Newsletter

Guardianships In Arizona
October 2012 Newsletter

DUI And Medical Marijuana
September 2012 Newsletter

Back To School
August 2012 Newsletter

Preparing Your Case With Your Attorney
July 2012 Newsletter

What is a Prenuptial Agreement
June 2012 Newsletter

New Changes to Arizona DUI Laws
May 2012 Newsletter

Top Lawyers List
April 2012 Newsletter

March 2012 Newsletter

A New Member of Our Family
February 2012 Newsletter

Updates to Family Law for 2012
January 2012 Newsletter

Happy Holidays

Avoiding Stress (and Possible Criminal Charges) this Holiday Season

How to Reduce or Eliminate Your Debt and Save Your Retirement

What Do You Do About Community, Joint and Other Property Held In Common That Was Not Disclosed In Your Divorce Or Covered In Your Decree?

A Rose By Any Other Name?

Enjoy Your Summer – Avoid DUI and OUI Charges

Arizona Has New Child Support Guidelines

Divorced and Moving On With Your Life – Literally?

What plans do you have for this summer and your life?

Is A Short Sale Right for Me?
2011 March Newsletter.pdf

New Year’s Resolution for your Business
2011 February Newsletter.pdf

Contracts and Marriage

Divorce Mediation is on the Rise

Child Custody in Arizona

Bankruptcy, is it right for You?
2010 September Newsletter.pdf

Attorney Negotiated Short Sales
2010 August Newsletter.pdf

Insurance Issues
2010 July Newsletter.pdf

DUI and the Holidays
2010 June Newsletter1.pdf

Proper Estate Planning
2010 May Newsletter.pdf

Collecting Accounts Receivable
2010 April Newsletter.pdf

Real Estate and Taxes
2010 March Newsletter.pdf

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