Patricia L. Lenzner, Esq.


Patricia “Trish” Lenzner is a compassionate advocate representing clients in all aspects of family law: divorce, legal separation, paternity (establishment and modifications), third party rights, post Decree modifications, enforcement and contempt. Trish works hard for her clients from the initial meeting to the final settlement or trial. She is detail oriented and focuses on obtaining the best results, based on the law and each client’s particular facts. Trish made the decision to become an attorney later in life because she wanted to help people through what is the most traumatic and devastating event in their lives. She wants to help families recover, so they can move on. Trish said: “Helping families has been one of the most satisfying undertakings of my life.” When not in the office or the courtroom, Trish is hiking one of the many trail systems in the Valley, volunteering at an elementary school, or catching up with old friends. Education:
  • Bachelor of Science – summa cum laude
  • Juris Doctorate (in 2.5 years) – cum laude

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